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Warm Image operator for Kubernetes

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For example, you have huge image with your software and running POD on node. When POD moving to another node your image downloads to new node minute or two. This operator forces nodes to download image before rescheduling, so POD starts faster.

It runs /bin/sh with infinite loop on specified image as DaemonSet with additional options like NodeSelector, Affinity or resource limits. You can specify custom command if your image not contains /bin/sh interpreter or you want to run own script.

Your first warmer:

kind: WarmImage
  name: mongo4
  image: mongo
  version: "4"
  nodeSelector: ""

Now you warmed mongo:4 on all master nodes.

Repository here

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Простой способ подготовки библиотеки на golang к тестированию

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Чтобы без проблем тестировать программы, написанные с использованием вашей библиотеки ее необходимо подготовить для этого. Делаем интерфейс, который будет использоваться в тестах, где ваши реальные функции будут заменены функциями с тестовыми данными.

package main

import "fmt"

// library 

type FooAdapter interface {
	Read() string

type Foo struct {
	mvar    string

func NewFoo(v string) FooAdapter {
	return &Foo{mvar:v}

func (a *Foo) Read() string {
	return "orig: " + a.mvar

// test 

func NewFooStub(v string) FooAdapter {
	return &FooStub{mvar: v}

type FooStub struct {
	mvar string

func (s *FooStub) Read() string {
	return "stub: " + s.mvar

func main() {
	z := NewFoo("o")
	fmt.Println("Read", z.Read())
	m := NewFooStub("s")
	fmt.Println("Read", m.Read())

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Hetzner DNS golang library

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I made this library to interact with Hetzner DNS API in most easy way. Hopefully in future it will be used for Hetzner external-dns provider. Check out example directory and

Get your own token on Hetzner DNS and place it to token variable and run code

token := "jcB2UywP9XtZGhvhSHpH5m"
zone := "vhSHpH5mjcB2UywP9XtZGh"

log.Println("Create new instance")
hdns := hclouddns.New(token)

log.Println("Get zone", zone)

allRecords, err := hdns.GetRecords(zone)
if err != nil {


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История провала: webdav и nginx для Windows

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